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Graciemag’s 5 Concepts Of Training You Must Obey

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Graciemag’s 5 Concepts Of Training To Enrich Your BJJ Lifestyle

Here’s a good article and good advice, especially with a high percentage of students failing in their first 30 days to a year. Unfortunately new students are not empty slates and come to the academy with a lot of preconceived notions.

I found concepts 4 & 5 to be the most difficult for colored belts to follow. Sequencing intensity and training load would appear to be common sense; however, it flies in the face of popular culture and energy drinks. I find people fall on both ends of the intensity spectrum. There’s those that believe all training has to be high intensity, which isn’t possible. They’ll overtrain (unless training once every three days or so) and the laws of reality will keep them in check. They’ll also plateau quickly without being able to sequence load. These stereotypical guys can be found in every academy world-wide like an epidemic. They’re only interested in the grappling portion of a class, have to grapple every class, drill techniques with full resistance, and then you don’t see them for a few days or week. Then there’s those that can’t muster any kind of intensity due to fear of coming out of their comfort zone. They show up late for class to skip the warmup, sit out grappling with a claim of some type of injury (legitimately injured students should just be observing), and gossip during drilling without any real ability to focus (a trait necessary for intensity). Both types will have a hard time progressing due to demotivation from the self perception of failing. When people can’t fully participate in all aspects of class on a routine or scheduled basis, they’ll fill as if they’ve failed and out of the norm. A simple solution is to have a training plan that is written down and a training log, know your strengths and weaknesses, and be working towards an achievable goal instead of training just to train (the shotgun approach). The better you understand your training objectives, the better the target your mind paints for you to hit.

The age of information is what brought about failure in regards to concept 5. The internet has given us open access to knowledge both good and bad. Now we’re entering the age of knowledge management. One has to have the specialized knowledge that only comes from a long period of experience in a field of knowledge to discern fact from fiction. You have to walk before you can run and in todays instant gratification society too many fall into the trap of thinking knowing one million techniques is the key to victory, and they’re really in a hurry to rush through those million techniques. Know where you are at. The study of advanced technique is for advanced students. Focus on the alphabet before you try to write Shakespeare by heavy repetition of fundamentals. This will lay a foundation of movement upon which more complex skills can be built upon later. Failure to do so is akin to the story of “the house built on sand” we all have heard. Proverbs have a habit of bearing the truth and TV is still not real.

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